Thursday, January 9, 2014

5W's and an H...because I'm a nerd like that

I'm a blogger now.  Here we go. 


Me(Momma Snuggs)-almost 30, Christian, LEOW, mother of two exceptional kiddos (in totally different ways) , friend, daughter, sister, IU alum, and...blogger?

Snuggs-a tiny bit less almost 30 than me, Christian, husband, father, LEO, friend, son, brother, ahhhhmazing.

Cricket-3 (how does that happen?) son, brother, grandson, friend, flipping hilarious

Buttercup-almost 2, daughter, sister, granddaughter, fearless, fierce, sensitive, silly

The Girls-my awesome crunchy Christian momma friends

The Popo-Snuggs' work friends

If anyone else becomes a significant game player, I suppose I'll introduce them then.


Mostly my take (though I'm betting Snuggs will interject occasionally) on being a mildly crunchy Christian mother, LEOW, GAPS eating, aiming to live debt free, and recovering from a lifetime of undiagnosed OCD.  


Nunya bidness, really.  But I'll say we love our Indiana basketball.  That's all you need to know.


Mrs. 2009, Cricket 2011, Buttercup 2012 Yeah, we don't mess around.

I'm going to aim at posting weekly, but it mostly depends on when my children decide to sleep so that I might actually translate the mush that is my brain into something intelligible.


The pretty answer is that we are trying to live as Christ-like as we can.  The reality is something like this -- Being a Christian, "middle class" American, LEO, "exceptional needs", GAPS, debt fighting family is really messy stuff, and it benefits my brain to flesh it out in words.

Also, on the note of not keeping it "pretty,"  I used to have a decent brain.  I graduated with a 3.8 something, I used to know how to spell all of the words, where the commas belonged in relation to the quotes, and how to MLA format.  Now I'm a mom of two kids under three and waiting for another.

I never sleep, and I sometimes don't remember if the i really comes before the e except after c, or if the c only follows the ab...  I use ellipsis to illustrate what's happening in my brain, and don't remain consistent with the use of capitals versus italics to demonstrate my feelings.

If you care about all of that perfection stuff, then I'm guessing you either A) Don't have kids, or B) Have escaped the "Sleepless Baby Prison" and reclaimed a few brain cells.  There are plenty of well punctuated resources out there for you to enjoy, have at it.  


Um, if you figure it out, PLEEEEEASE let me know.

You can find me on fb @ Sally Snuggs


  1. Law Enforcement Officer and Law Enforcement Officer's Wife, I believe. That was not an acronym familiar to me at first!