Monday, February 20, 2017

Merciful Manna 2-13-17 Weekly Review: Creation and The Fall

Having recently realized that I was overdoing it a little in the curriculum department, we've made an intentional decision to scale back and slow down.  To be present, enjoy our work, and have enough space to open our hands to what God would have us do each day.

Week 1: Creation and The Fall

We began by reviewing the story of creation in the Bible. Next we made a list of what happened when. I walked them through all of the, " What could you use to show that God made..." questions. Then they performed their first very loosely scripted play!  They also sang and danced to "Genesis 1:1."

We drew diagrams of the plant life cycle and plant anatomy. Then we played a flower identification matching game. Later we took a field trip to the local florist to see a variety of flowers in person and ask lots of questions.  Buttercup loved purple delphiniums and Cricket loved orange roses.  I didn't get pictures because we were way too involved, but you can see the flowers the kids picked out on the table! In that picture the kids are using playdough to make some representations of what God created. They learned the phrase "ex nihilo" which means out of nothing. We talked about how hard it can be for us to create out of something and how easy it was for God to create out of nothing. 

Next we reviewed the story of The Fall of Man in the Bible. I walked them through a story board summary. We reviewed several artists' renditions of the fall. Then the kids each drew their own representation. 

We also did some Biblically inspired Valentine's cards, wrote letters to our friends, and followed along with the Math U See curriculum that's been working so well for us!

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